Gratitude Is Life Changing By Teresa Collins


I look for ways to create happiness every single day. I believe that living in gratitude is the secret to truly feel REAL joy and happiness. I remind myself every day when I wake up to be grateful. It brings a smile to my face. I encourage you to start looking for gratitude from the moment you wake up in the morning. Some people have it backward. They look for things and decide if they will be happy that day, grateful that day, and look around them and in their life for things that can make them happy.

I believe we are the creators of our life, our attitude and our outlook.

We design our life. We can live happier by simply staying close to anything and anyone that makes you glad you're alive. I call it the CIRCLE.

Who are you allowing in your circle? What are you allowing in your circle? This is something I believe has changed my life. I look for the BRIGHT side of life, I choose to be positive, fun, more forgiving and service-oriented. I tell myself, LIFE is WHAT you make of it. So MAKE IT BETTER than GREAT! It's the little things to truly look at and focus on. I grew up at times with no home to live in, no food to eat, and if I was lucky I lived in a trailer park. I am so thankful for my life and experiences. I appreciate more the things in my life from having a time in my life when I had very little. Truth be told, I have an addiction to McDonald's diet coke. I often go through the drive-through and get my $1 drink. I say out loud, EVERY time, "I am so thankful that I can buy a soda today." I am full of gratitude for this abundance in my life.

GRATITUDE for me is not comparing and worrying about what others have or what others are doing. Success to me in life is real happiness. The world will tell us success is based upon monetary factors. We must change how we define success, wealth, and happiness. It must be on our own terms because if we don’t, society will define it for us—and we will always fall short. Money is absolutely necessary, but abundance to me is being grateful for the NOW. It is knowing our life success is about what is real and substantial.

Do not wait to see the good in today. Do not wait until you have obtained a certain number on the scale or a bigger number in your bank account. Gratitude is a personal and inward exercise to FOCUS on what and who is most important in your life. If we are always chasing what is next, or looking for "things" to make us happy, then we will always be disappointed. Our lives will be an endless race for the next best thing. We’ll never experience contentment.

I write down every day in my planner and journals, my daily gratitude. It is so simple to do and brings so much clarity and appreciation to the day. It reminds you to LOOK and acknowledge the GOOD in our life.



Write in a journal for five minutes a day…

a few sentences or a paragraph.

The habit of writing in a journal will change your life. It will serve as a way to clear your emotions and be able to acknowledge your thoughts. It can help gain clarity on the future that you want and are building upon. It helps to manifest your goals and dreams. FOCUS on the positive and overlook the negative. I believe comfort comes when we have decided to see all of our experiences and hard times as a way to refine us and make us each better.

Gratitude is simple in my mind and life. It allows our gratitude for all the things that we own and have in our lives to be enough. It allows my mindset not to focus on dwelling on putting energy into needing or seeking more. It is looking at the fulfillment of what is NOW in our life. We can never find gratitude in life until we intentionally decide to choose it.

It is easy to be grateful when things are going great and we are happy. It can be more difficult during the trials of life. We can fail to see gratitude during our hard times such as death, medical challenges,

rejection, or failure. The truth is that no one is exempt from the HARD times in life. We must LOOK FOR THE GOOD during the worst of times. Looking for and being grateful during those trials and may be the one thing that gets you through them.

During the pandemic, I looked daily with happiness for a home to live in, food that is still abundant, for wifi that connects us with each other and information that comes directly to our homes and phone. I reminded myself that this too shall pass. It helped me to focus on my relationships and to reach out MORE to those that I love. I choose to look for the good that still exists. It is quite simple. Gratitude is a way of life. Appreciate what you have NOW. Be determined to have a gratitude mindset, and watch your happiness increase each day.

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