3 Ways to feel more gratitude even amongst the chaos

Motivational speakers Justin Prince and Tiffany Peterson both offer advice and three ways to feel gratitude.


We live in a chaotic time. If you watch the news you could be filled with fear, stress and anxiety. Gratitude is the cure.



Focus on what’s right, not what’s wrong

Focus is an underutilized tool. What you focus on matters. Think of it this way: The sun has the power to heat the whole earth and give light to the entire earth. But, if you take a magnifying glass and focus the rays of the sun, the same general power that can give light and heat to the entire earth can now burn a hole through steel.

I get that there is a lot of “what’s wrong” that you can focus on. However, there is also a lot of “what’s right.”

Choose to focus on ‘what’s right’.What you choose to focus on matters. Where your focus goes, your energy flows.

Write down three things you can focus on right now that you are grateful for.



Look, I know this seems obvious. Of course, you are going to breathe. If you don’t you will probably pass out before you finish this article. However, when was the last time you breathed on purpose? Breath is one of the easiest ways to change your emotional state. Your breath can take you from stressed out to grateful very quickly if you will just do it with intention.

Try this quick exercise right now and put this to the test.

Breathe in deep through your nose. Fill up your lungs with oxygen. Then, slowly breathe out through your mouth. Don’t save any. Now, repeat this 10 times. You will instantly feel better.


Move your body

Tony Robbins once said, “Emotion comes from motion.” In other words, if you want to feel more gratitude, move your body. The daily habit of moving your body is one of the best things you can do for your emotional health, not to mention the positive benefits to your physical health. What does “Move your body” mean?

Go for a walk, lift weights, do yoga, jog, stretch, hike, etc. The point is, move your body every day.

You can feel gratitude by focusing on the good, breathing to reduce stress, and moving your body for emotional and physical health. ~Justin Prince

As we transition into Autumn, my own joy is enriched. It’s the season of falling leaves, comfy sweaters, college football, pumpkin everything, and with Thanksgiving on the horizon, our thoughts turning to thankfulness. I love this season!

Gratitude is a great feeling to experience – we feel lighter, more happiness, a sense of deeper joy and likely a richer connection to meaning, purpose, and life.

Yet the interesting thing about being human is that our feelings come and go every single day. We feel all the feels, especially this year in 2020. So more than a season or even a feeling, I’d like to explore cultivating gratitude habits for our habits produce the results we are experiencing in life.

Do you want to feel more gratitude, more of the good, on a regular basis?

The Gratitude Journal

Do you keep a gratitude journal? One of the more popular gratitude habits is having a gratitude journal. It’s been said that what we focus on expands in our lives. And by writing it down, we are literally taking note of the good in our lives. Whether you grab a basic notebook from the grocery store or a more luxurious journal, writing down your daily gratitudes can and will make a big difference. Bonus challenge: write down different gratitudes today then you wrote yesterday to stretch you to dig deeper into seeing more of the good in your life.

Gratitude Prayer and Meditation

Taking time to ponder gratitude, will shift your emotional and energetic state of being. Thinking on thoughts like, “What am I grateful for?” “Who am I grateful for?” “What are the gifts in my life right now?” are potent questions to consider. The various mentors I’ve studied with have all taught this same principle. One in particular talks about how he takes “gratitude walks” – in essence a walking meditation. While walking he thinks to himself or expresses out loud his gratitude for his life, the earth, flowers, trees, the ability to walk, his family, and so on. This anchors gratitude into his regular life and it will do the same for you as well.


The Power of Generosity

One of the most potent and palpable ways to magnify your gratitude is to focus on giving back to others. Generosity changes you for the positive and I believe that gratitude and generosity go hand in hand in cultivating a thriving, purposeful life. Everything from large service projects and donations, to sending the people you love a kind text, to anonymously buying the person’s lunch behind you in the drive thru line, when we step into generosity, we immediately activate the positive feelings of love and gratitude for ourselves and for others. It’s the kind of ripple effect we need more of on our planet and in our individual lives today.

These habits will help you create a more consistent experience with the power of gratitude and feeling good more often in your own life. ~Tiffany Peterson

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