Finding Joy.

We love seeing the positivity of people trying to make the best of a crazy time. We recently saw an Instagram post by Jenna Rammell @jennaskitchen who was featured in our last issue of Nugent Magazine.

And, we had to share it.

Jenna writes: “Finding ways to serve right now when the people around us need it more than ever has been absolutely paralyzing to me. I want to give of my time, efforts and use my hands to help, but at this time it’s not safe for our family to do that. This week I came up with the idea to find ways to serve in social distancing and today we put love notes all over the kids' grandparents (our parents) door. I haven’t seen them in two weeks and we miss them. To be honest, this isn’t the mom I am. I wouldn't have had time to cut out hearts or had the patience to spend a couple hours wrangling my kids and driving them all over to do this “just for fun” And a part of me feels grateful that the world stopped spinning long enough for me to recalibrate.

When this is all over I want to make more time for my loved ones and especially these simple acts with my children. I want to cut out hearts, to do crafts for no reason and not be annoyed by the messes. I'm grateful to have this chance and feel very privileged and spoiled to be at home making memories. The days are long, but the more I stay in gratitude the more I truly experience immense joy.”

Jenna challenged her readers to participate in The Joy List challenge and encouraged them to post about things that bring them joy.

“When you speak or write into existence the small things in your life that bring you joy, you are more able to identify MORE small things that bring you joy. It’s a ripple effect. And the ripple effect does not stop with you. Sharing your joy list to those in your circle will encourage them to do the same. Joy spreads, love spreads, and it will snowball into something that can defeat the difficult emotions and circumstances that we all deal with on a regular basis, ” she writes.

Thanks, Jenna, for being a great example of service and finding joy in this journey.

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