Former Teacher Sews Up Some "Real Face" Face Masks So Students Can "See" Each Other

Updated: Nov 10

When a former middle school math teacher turned sewing pattern designer ( saw there was a way to help children connect better in the “Covid-19 mask-wearing” classroom, she went to work creating “real face” face masks.

“Thanks to the magic of Spoonflower (a company that prints custom fabric), and with the help of my son’s teacher, I made some “face” masks for his classmates as a surprise. “I selected around the (photo) of the face on my iPad, dropped each face into a Photoshop file on my laptop,” she wrote. She created a file and sent it off to printed onto fabric, and then she sewed up each child’s mask. “They are so funny and make me smile,” wrote Shea Henderson on her @emptybobbin Instagram page.

“I hope it helps them “see” each other while working to stay safe,” she said. “I told his teacher that I couldn’t wait to hear about the moment where she needs to redirect a kid in a firm voice, but her mask is just smiling away!”

Henderson explained her process for making the masks on her post just in case someone else would also like to make the “real face” face masks.


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Photos: @emptybobbin Instagram

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