Grateful to share the GOOD

What is the best part of my job as CEO of Nugent Magazine? I get to meet some of the most amazing people in Utah. I am a people person. I love collaboration. I feel energized when a group of people comes together to create something bigger than they could alone. When we are in our genius, we do bigger, better things. My team at Nugent Magazine is just that. I love what I do and I am grateful we get to share GOOD news!

When we set out to start Nugent Magazine-a little over a year ago- we decided as a team we wanted to focus on spotlighting people and businesses in the community doing great things. We all have a story. The details look different but what we learn through the struggle is how strong we really are. We learn how to pivot and make changes to make things better. We learn how to rely on a team and each other. The choice is ours to make it a hero’s journey.

We are now six issues in navigating the process of putting together our “Good News” magazine. The experience of creating a magazine has had a bit of a learning curve, and we are continually tweaking in an effort to constantly improve. Each time we meet as an editorial staff we are almost “giddy” as we talk about and filter through all of the candidates that have been nominated to be featured in Nugent Magazine. There is so much GOOD out there that we want to share with you.

With what’s going on right now, the events surrounding the coronavirus outbreak, we have been holding our modified editorial meetings via text, email, and zoom. Today, I was able to find gratitude in taking my kids to the park and getting a quick update from my staff while sitting on a sunny park bench. Yes, things have changed drastically in the world over the past couple of weeks. But, we are committed to continuing to share the GOOD and have “kicked it up a couple of notches” on our social media to bring you many of these GOOD NEWS stories that are happening during this crisis.

I love that people are “slowing down” and taking care of their families, friends, neighbors and the homeless. There are businesses offering free goods, services and support like U-haul who is offering a free truck to help displaced students move out of the dorms. There are moms sharing hints and ideas and free downloadables and videos to help families figure out how to school and entertain their kids at home. I have been inspired by all the creative problem solvers. And I am grateful for all the health care professionals and companies that are working long, long hours to get information out to the public and responding to the need for fast innovation to develop virus tests and vaccinations. How cool is it that people are sharing their best Netflix shows to watch, board games to play and books to read and are sharing ways to be creative in the kitchen with only what’s in your fridge and pantry? And of course, we now all finally know how to wash our hands properly while singing a song.

We will continue to share the GOOD NEWS and to be grateful even when life is a little crazy and hard. Follow us and smile. Tag us in your good news so we can share it with the rest of the world.

Kate Strong

CEO Nugent Magazine

P.S. We just started a new Instagram @nugentgoodnews just to share all the GOOD. Tag us #nugentgoodnews so we can share your good news.

On the ground or at a desk, Kate leads Nugent Magazine's mission to share the GOOD NEWS. Shown here in a photoshoot with Whole30's Melissa Urban.

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