It's Not Quite the "Running of the Bulls"--But this Sheep Parade Thru a Utah Town Is 90 Years Old

Have you ever thought of traveling to Spain to see the exciting and thrilling “Running of the Bulls” at the Festival of San Fermin? Well, Covid-19 shut that down that event this year…and probably a lot of your other travel plans for 2020.

No “Running of the Bulls” this year? How about going to “The Walking of the Sheep" parade? Okay, so it is not nearly as exciting as raging bulls running down a street, but this nearly 90-year tradition took place near Brigham City this week. And perhaps this sheep parade should be added to your calendar of local “must-sees” for next year. Because it is quite a sight (and sound)--especially if you are a “city slicker”.

“We love to bring our boys to watch the sheep go through town,” said Todd Love, a resident of Brigham City. “Our boys love it and it is a pretty cool sight to see all those sheep going through in town and I love the sound of them running on the road,” said Love, who videotaped the event and posted it on his Instagram page @wmtoddlove.

Over 2,000 sheep of the Lane Jensen family walk their yearly 20-ish mile path from Mantua, Utah to Corinne, Utah through Brigham City to make their way to winter pasture lands. Local police block roads and plan the route along U.S. Highway 89 and side streets. They post the sheep’s parade route each year --usually held in October--on the Brigham City Police Facebook page. They even post a “play by play” of where the sheep are during the parade route.

There are plenty of awkward stares from unaware motorists and pedestrians as they wonder why children and parents are lined up along the city street to watch the giant flock of sheep walk through town. The sheep’s trip includes a stop to rest midway on their journey to winter pastures.

If you are looking for a bit more of an exciting vacation adventure, Holly Wren of Wren International Travel is the contributing writer for our travel section in Nugent Magazine. She offers the best tips and suggestions for local and international travel locations and has a “bucket list” of “must-do” travel destinations. Perhaps, this annual “The Walking of the Sheep" parade will be added to that bucket list?

video by Todd Love

photos by Brigham City police and

Cache Valley Daily


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