Jeanette Bennett Talks Cancer, Publishing, Self-Care & Being Grateful on Nugent Podcast Ep. 4

Updated: Oct 14

A cancer diagnosis turned this mother, writer, publisher, and speaker’s life a bit sideways--but Jeanette Bennett learned to be vulnerable and open and to take care of herself emotionally, spiritually, and physically. She talks with Adam Nugent in Episode 4 of the Nugent Good News Podcast about her crazy 2020 --and the year that was supposed to be a year of celebration as Jeanette marks 20 years in the publishing business. But instead of being bitter or angry about her thyroid cancer diagnosis, she shares the many things she has learned and what she is grateful for as she overcomes this obstacle.

Jeanette is the founder and editor-in-chief of Bennett Communications which publishes Utah Valley Magazine, Utah Valley Business Quarterly, Utah Valley Bride, and Prosper. Earlier this year in the middle of Covid-19, Jeannett was packing up her home of 20 years to move to a new home, feeling a bit more exhausted than usual and having what she describes as “brain fog”, she went to the doctor and it was determined she had cancer on her thyroid.

She went into research mode and started learning about her diagnosis--researching, and exploring all of the medical and holistic options for treatment. “I was learning to take care of myself emotionally, spiritually, and physically because the mind and body are very much connected,” she said. “I feel like I will be a kinder, more empathetic person and someone who honors everyone’s journey.”

In the podcast, Jeanette talks about her family, career highlights, and the great people she has interviewed over the years and her dream to write a book.

Soon after the podcast, Jeanette had surgery to successfully remove the cancerous tumor. She now sports a barely visible scar on her throat and recently celebrated her 45 birthday. “If I had not had this cancer, my year would have been very different. I think I would actually be less happy.”


Jeanette was featured in Nugent Magazine, Fall 2020 issue. You can read about the 20 things she is grateful for in 2020.

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Nugent Good News Podcast Episode 4: “The Strength Within Your Circumstance” with Jeanette Bennett

Host: Adam Nugent

Guest: Jeanette Bennett

Twitter: @uvmaglady


Facebook: jeanettewaitebennett


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