Justin Prince Is the Guest on Ep. 5 of Nugent's Good News Podcast, "Life Skills From 30,000 Feet"

"Value the people you serve." -Justin Prince

Justin Prince has a contagious passion and enthusiasm, and you can sense that energy and positivity as he speaks with Adam Nugent on Episode 5, “Life Skills from 30,000 Feet”, on the Nugent Good News Podcast. Justin talks about the lessons he learned in business from hawking animated bible movies on street corners to starting and growing four multi-million dollar businesses and helping thousands of people create their own businesses.

Prince talks about a pivotal moment in his career when he was down about not successfully selling in his commission based-job. His manager challenged him to quit focusing on himself and focus and care about other people and to try and put a smile on the customer’s face. “What happened was I shifted from focusing on me and how pissed off I was and how it wasn’t working for me to focusing on trying to make other people’s day brighter,” he said.

Another lesson he talks about is learning to know when to walk away and leaving things for the right reason. “If you leave for the right reason, it prepares you for the next opportunities.” Sometimes that means getting uncomfortable and leaving your comfort zone and be willing to update your story and change your trajectory--and finding joy in that journey.”

He has been able to share his story about believing what is “possible” and not just what is “probable” in 20 countries around the world and at the podcast table with Nugent Good

News. Visit Justin’s website at www.Iamjustinprince.com for more details about his business of helping entrepreneurs.

Adam (who has been friends with Justin for 20 years) goes on to harass Justin about his music choices (or lack thereof) and we find out about how Justin’s children have banned him from trying to dance on TikTok. And we find out why Justin is called the “pushup master” and how he completed the challenge his son gave him to do 500 pushups a day for 30 days straight.

Don't miss at about 18 minutes into the podcast, listen in as Justin tells us why you should “Act Like a 1480” --retelling an amazing story of a high school student and his college test scores.

Thanks, Justin for lifting us and our listeners up! Find the Nugent Good News Podcast on Apple, Google Play, Stitcher, or Spotify


Justin Prince is a regular writer in our “Motivation” section of Nugent Magazine.

Nugent Good News Podcast #5: “Life Skills from 30,000 feet”, with Justin Prince

Host: Adam Nugent

Guest: Justin Prince

Website: www.iamjustinprince.com

Facebook: Iamjustinprince


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