Knot & Pine, Wedding & Event Business, Creates Elopement Packages For Couples During COVID-19

“We think everyone deserves the wedding of their dreams, it just may not be able to happen right now. Our elopement packages allow for a simple, intimate but beautiful ceremony with only a few people, who are socially distancing, in attendance."

When her banker husband Dylan came home from work one day and proposed to buy a wedding business two years ago, Natallee was intrigued. “I have a background in decorating and interior design, and we love working on renovation projects together as a couple, so it seemed like a good fit,” said Natallee. In 2018, the duo bought the existing 5th East Hall wedding business in American Fork, Utah, and launched their Knot & Pine Wedding and Venue business. Six months later, the couple renovated the Alpine Barn and opened it as a second venue to their business.

The two jumped right in and started updating and remodeling the two sites to create the venues, The Alpine Barn and 5th East Hall. “The 5th East Hall was in dire need of remodeling and updating, and we took the Alpine Barn from a corporate office space to an event venue”. With two different types of venues and locations, in addition to their ability to set up weddings at off-site locations, we can really meet the needs of any wedding party. “We want every bride to be able to and make their special day everything they want it to be,” said Natallee.

The Alpine Barn is located in the heart of Alpine, Utah. This historic barn venue has a touch of sophistication with a bit of modern charm located near the base of the mountains. The Barn can accommodate up to 190 people in seats and a flowing reception capacity of 450-550 people. The small and more intimate 5th East Hall is a hidden gem in American Fork, Utah. It can seat up to 64 people and a flowing reception capacity of 250-300 people.

In addition to venue rentals, Knot & Pine can also help with flowers, catering, cakes and linens, and other event rentals. “We also have an open vendor policy at both of our venues, where the wedding party can bring in their own outside vendors to create the exact wedding they want without any extra fees,” said Natallee. “We love supporting and working with other local vendors.”

“We had one wedding where an entire 20’ x 40’ concert stage was set up on-site for their wedding reception. A live 1980s cover band played at the reception and the whole thing felt like you were at a concert. The wedding couple was thrilled. It was one of the coolest, and maybe craziest weddings we have seen at the Alpine Barn,” she said. “Utah has a unique wedding market. It is pretty amazing and there are a lot of creative ideas that people have to make their day perfect,” she said.

In addition to weddings, both locations can also be rented for corporate, business, or family events. “Our business events usually happen during the week, and the wedding business is on the weekends,” according to Natallee.

“We have felt so grateful for the positive response and support of our two beautiful venues, and our bookings for 2020 were looking amazing… until the COVID-19 shutdown. In about mid-March when it was decided that gatherings over 200 people were not going to be allowed because of COVID-19, we pivoted and started figuring out ways to make the restriction work for our booked events. Within days, that number of people allowed in a gathering quickly reduced to 10 people, and events had to be rescheduled or redesigned.

“We had brides calling panicking with all the new government updates, and wanting to cancel. It has been a pretty bad situation all around, and I feel so bad for these brides and our staff,” she said. “The shutdown really stopped us in our tracks. We are a small, family-owned business and we have literally spent the last two years pouring our blood sweat and tears into building this business, and so we needed to brainstorm and pivot to keep our business alive while still following the group meeting and safety restrictions,” she said.

Knot & Pine is now offering “Elopement Packages” for wedding couples. “We think everyone deserves the wedding of their dreams, it just may not be able to happen right now. Our elopement packages allow for a simple, intimate but beautiful ceremony with only a few people, who are socially distancing, in attendance. Then we are encouraging the couples to have the wedding reception of their dreams later when the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. We have even suggested that brides do their reception on their one year anniversary, as a way to celebrate” said Natallee. “We have a few different elopement package options which range in price from $275-850.”

“While some couples have decided to get married in their living rooms, backyards, or up in the mountains, we are still able to help those couples. We can rent backdrops, tables, chairs, and can provide flowers or cakes and other support including booking a room at Knot & Pines’s own Bed and Breakfast at their 5th East Hall location.”

In addition to the two venues, Knot & Pine also has a small Bed and Breakfast retreat located at their 5th East Hall location. “We have five distinctively yet beautifully themed rooms. If someone wants to “spend some time” in Maui, Cancun, Rome, Tahiti, or Paris without jumping on a plane, they can book a room with us. We are following all of the procedures to clean and sanitize each room and will deliver an amazing breakfast to their room,” she said.

“We know this has been a stressful time, especially for brides, and we want them to know that if we can help and support them now we would love to. And if they can not celebrate their big milestone now, we would love to help them celebrate later down the road.”

For more information about Knot & Pine and the services they offer, including their elopement packages, please see their website at

We are grateful to Knot & Pine for being a sponsor and donating a room at their Bed and Breakfast for Nugent Magazine’s Mom Nom Mother’s Day giveaway.

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