Laughter is the Best Medicine & Career-- For TikTok Star, London Lazerson, with 1.4 M Followers

Updated: Oct 13

Utah's TikTok sensation, London Lazerson, entertains and teaches others how to be successful on TikTok's platform as he launches an online course for TikTok success

London Lazerson is all smiles as he dumps spaghetti noodles, red tomato sauce, and sprinkles a bit of parmesan cheese onto the white leather seats of his Tesla. He then proceeds to eat his lunch off the backseat. Why did he do this, do you ask? It’s all for a bit of TikTok video entertainment and to further his career and solidify himself as a social media star on TikTok with his over 1.4 million followers.

London--who is a very funny guy--starting making YouTube videos in 2016 --that was around the time that YouTubers could make a living off of posting content on YouTube. “I was really drawn to the creative experience of making videos and I was not doing it necessarily for the money,” he said.

“I made a video called “The World's Biggest Bubble”, he said. It was a video of me chewing bubble gum for a long time--like about two minutes… the audience was anticipating me blowing a bubble, but I never did,” It sort of made a lot of people mad, but I got noticed. London posted more videos on YouTube but was not really getting much traction or a big increase in the number of followers on YouTube or on any of the other apps he posted his content on.

“In 2019, I challenged myself to post 100 comedies in 100 days on Instagram, and I only gained about 1,000 followers. My buddy suggested that since I was creating so much content, I should switch and start posting on TikTok,” he said. So in March 2020--about the time the pandemic started--London posted his first TikTok video. He posted about three videos a day for a month and his following grew to 200,000. “The discoverability on this app is immense,” he said.

London decided to focus primarily on posting his comedic videos--which includes parodies on “Home Alone” star Macaulay Culkin--whom people say London looks like, and many of his videos involved his white self-driving Tesla car. Posting three videos a day is pretty time-consuming. London and his crew made the videos for a few hours after work each day.

“Right now, I have found the balance between staying creative and staying happy, and I post two videos a day," he said. London who has a background and interest in comedy is no longer working his “day job” at an advertising agency has committed to working in this genre full time. “I always considered myself a funny person, and I just dropped into making people laugh on the internet,” he said. There are a couple of ways to make money on the app and London also has brand deals with several companies, including clothing brands, and exercise equipment company, Peloton.

London’s wife, Paloma Martinez who is a physician’s assistant, is sometimes “surprised” by the shenanigans happening in London’s posts. (Like the time he drew tiger stripes on their Tesla with what she thought was a permanent Sharpie marker.) “She is a great supporter and one of the biggest TikTok users,” said London. “We both work in vastly different industries and we let each other do their thing in their lane while we support each other. It works for us.”

Many of London’s followers --in all age ranges--are from the United States (41%) but the other 59% are following him worldwide from places in the Philippines, United Kingdom, Canada, and Indonesia.

The latest project for London, who recently moved from Orem to South Jordan Utah, is his 10-hour online course called the “Viral Blueprint TikTok Course” where he teaches others to discover the secrets of TikTok and how to go from 100 to 1 million plus users in five months. “For the price of new shoes,” you can take London’s course which will launch on November 2, 2020. “The course will help people learn from what I did and see how to strategically grow their audience. There is so much strategy that goes into what I do,” he said. “After months of testing, tinkering and trial and error, I found the insider secrets that you will need to turn your account from a performing side project to a rocket ship packed to the brim in partnerships, wild engagement, and a loyal fanbase.”

For more information go to To see what is next for this creative guy, watch his TikTok videos and follow him on Instagram @londonlaz.


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