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Updated: Apr 10

“Fearless living and discovering your inner badass” are a few words of the mantra that Mary Crafts, a catering empire queen, and inspiring entrepreneur, lives by. And we are lucky enough at Nugent Magazine to have Mary’s “spark for life” shine through as she writes our food columns and shares all her “foodie” favorites and recipes.

We are happy to help announce that this powerhouse grandmother, who hosts a weekly podcast, is a

keynote speaker, a regular guest on multiple tv programs, and sits on the boards of several companies and charities, has just launched a Marco Polo channel called “Mary Crafts, Inc.”

“I’m excited to share a few minutes with you every day to lift your heart and experience a flow of inspiration and empowerment. I will be sharing thoughts on fearless living, discovering your inner badass, and the joy of soaring. In addition, I will be giving many how-to directions on health and fitness,” she said.

We asked Mary to share why she decided to launch the Marco Polo channel. Here is what she had to say:

“My reason for starting the Marco Polo channel is that it gives me a visual connection with my listeners. I love my Podcast, "Crafting a Meaningful Life", but it's only audio and this way people can connect with me visually as well as have interaction by leaving comments that we can respond back and forth. Hopefully, it will create one more layer of connection between myself and my audience. Also, I love that they are short. It's not a 35-minute Podcast that you have to set aside time to listen to. It's just a short 3-minute video that you can watch whenever you want, whenever you have time, and whenever you need a lift in your day. I offer ideas on joy and finding your

inner badass as well as tips for staying physically fit and my own personal plan for wellness.”

Mary shared with us part of her daily routine during the pandemic and what she is doing to live through it. Here is her response:

“I've tried to stay as normal as possible during the stay home stay safe directive. I get up at the same time and don't sleep in! I still get dressed every day and put on makeup and do my hair. Although I have to admit I am wearing less heals than usual!

I have developed new areas of communication with my family and grandchildren are absolutely loving our Marco Polo behind the scenes living. I think we have to be very careful about not living on social media but I also think it's a wonderful opportunity to stay connected. As with everything in life and as it has always been... it's always about finding a good medium.

The one thing I've been telling people more than anything else is that this time to stay home and stay safe is a gift. First, is a gift of wellness for our community. Next, is a gift to your life you've had times you wished you had more time to spend with your family, on a special project, on a fitness routine, so many things we have procrastinated because we didn't have time. It's time to seize the day! And treasure every moment.”

Mary offers some advice to those in the hospitality and restaurant business.

“This pandemic in our world has created havoc upon the hospitality industry and particularly with restaurants and most of all with catering businesses. When it's all past, people will be ready to be out and dining in restaurants again. But it will be a long time before companies and families are ready to start celebrating with large events. Cut back all things that are non-essential in your businesses. Look at your home life and what you might be able to trim and tighten your belt. Are there assets that you are currently not using that you could sell? It's time to face the hard facts that our lives are going to have to change and opportunities for service will look different. Open your arms to inspiration. Don't forget the principles that you have lived by and that they still apply today. Don't be afraid to ask for help. And learn well the lessons of this challenge so that you will be resilient for the next one.”

Thanks, Mary for offering a few words of wisdom and tips for living a meaningful life during this pandemic.

Mary has offered a 30 percent discount for her Marco Polo channel. Use code: Welcome30 (good until May 1, 2020)

Find both Mary's podcast and Marco Polo channel on her website,

Or sign up for her Marco Polo channel here:

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