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Who knew that getting college degrees in Harp Performance and Mandarin Chinese would lead me down the career path I am now in? I feel like I have been working in marketing and social media since before social media even had a name! And I love my job and the flexible work schedule it has given me so I could raise my five children. So, when a unique opportunity came across my desk to be part of Nugent Magazine, I knew I had to see what it was all about. While I wasn’t necessarily looking for another thing to put on my plate, after getting to know both Kate and Adam, attending one event and really getting to understand their mission, I couldn’t say no to helping them “spread good news.”

As I dove into my first assignment, I combed through several different news sites to find relevant, current good news stories to share on their social media platforms. After two hours of searching, I came out empty-handed. I was literally blown away that I couldn’t find a single piece of good news. It made me realize that Nugent’s mission to “change the conversation one positive story at a time” is vital - especially during this strange time of quarantine during a health crisis.

Now, more than ever, I am so grateful for social media — a place where we can continue to make connections so that the thought of being in isolation for several weeks doesn’t seem so lonely. I am loving my opportunities to seek out and share the good news and flush out the bad. I hope that something we write or post in Nugent Magazine or its social platforms will put a smile on your face. It is our small contribution to sending a positive shock wave throughout the world!

Bianca Collings is a freelance contributor at Nugent Magazine and works full-time as the Head of Marketing at Skipio... and who knows.. while she is hunkered down with her kids and hubby in a family home in St. George, Utah she might brush up on her Chinese and limber up her fingers and get her Harp out.

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