Tiffany Peterson talks about Peace, Gratitude, and Generosity on Nugent Good News Podcast Ep. #2

This episode of Nugent’s Good News Podcast is filled with vibrant positivity from business and life coach, Tiffany Peterson. Listen in as Tiff “riffs” with Adam Nugent about finding peace, spirituality through gratitude and generosity and what makes her laugh.

The Coach

Tiffany helps people “thrive from the inside” by creating a better life and business through her coaching. Her goals are to help people have more meaning and fulfillment, develop healthier habits, have clear vision and goals, create focused productivity, find more joy, and prosper with sustainability. She offers both group coaching and individual coaching and has authored several audio courses and workbooks including one on a sales mastery program and one on gratitude and generosity. She hosts events like the one she just finished (virtually) called the Mindset Makeover.

The Passion and Business

Tiffany created her business, Tiffany Speaks, because she is passionate about helping others overcome the challenges keeping them stuck--perhaps playing small, struggling with self-doubt, or hiding in perfectionism. She loves to help them develop the mindset and sales skillset to claim and create a life and a business that they love. She believes in the universal law that what we plant and nourish will bring forth fruit-whether positive or negative Tiffany works with her coaching clients to overcome the negative thoughts like, “I am not loveable enough”, “I am not smart enough,” and “I am not thin enough”, etc.


Laughing causes a little bit of a pressure release, according to Tiffany, even if you get the giggles at the most inappropriate time--like at church, or on a Zoom call, or in a theater when you are supposed to be quiet. You cannot be serious all of the time, you have to be able to play, be lighthearted, and be amused. Good music or even a great lipstick color can shift one’s mood, according to Tiffany.

Creative Shift

Because of COVID-19 many of Tiffany’s live speaking engagements have been postponed but bookings are starting to pick up. “I have missed being able to be with people again and being a part of that energy.” Tiffany shifted gears and was more creative in developing more online coaching and programs and even offering up a course for “whatever” one could pay, being mindful that people have lost their jobs or their businesses have suffered. “I love helping others develop the self-confidence and sales skills to create a sustainable income living on their terms,” she said.

Tiffany also offers lots of free resources on her website,


Thanks, Tiffany for sharing your gifts with us. Tiffany is a regular contributor to Nugent Magazine. We love her inspiration and motivational words. Tune in and subscribe to our Nugent Good News Podcast with your favorite listening channels like Apple, Spotify, or Stitcher as we continue to share the GOOD NEWS. Let us know what you think and please leave a review--apparently, that is how a podcast gets noticed.

Podcast: Episode 2: Greater Peace Through Gratitude and Generosity with Tiffany Peterson

Guest: Tiffany Peterson

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