Utah Properties and Paranormal Activity-- Brandon Fugal Discusses both on Nugent's Podcast

In this week’s episode #6 of Nugent’s Good News Podcast, Adam Nugent talks with Brandon Fugal. He is one of Utah’s best-known commercial real estate brokers and is less-known for his interest in documenting paranormal activity.

For his day job, Bandon is the chairman of Colliers International Real Estate, and has his name posted on hundreds of real estate signs throughout the Wasatch Front. He is a trusted advisor and business infrastructure expert. Brandon, who had a desire to work “with the captains of industry” at an early age, got his commercial real estate license at the age of 18 and has been collecting data and tracking commercial real estate inventory, lease expirations, and forecasting future development ever since. “I was able to jump into a career focused on office, brokerage, and corporate real estate. That gave me the opportunity to work with a lot of visionary executives and leaders,” he said.

Brandon and his company represent hundreds of projects in Utah. He is excited for continued expansion and growth as Utah is recognized globally as a safe haven with an “ideal market for companies to expand.” I think Utah is moving from being the crossroads of the West to truly the crossroads of the world.”

After normal work hours, Brandon heads over to his property he bought a few years ago, the Skinwalker Ranch, located in the Uintah Basin. This “mysterious” ranch near Vernal, Utah, has been known for having paranormal activity and has been “revealed to be the center of gravity for a Pentagon black budget funded program,” according to Brandon. “I mean, this property is like a whole season of the X Files packed into one 512 acre parcel.” There have been documentaries filmed about and on the property, and the History Channel is currently filming a series “The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch” on his property. “There is a scientific team observing, recording, and documenting the property,” he said. “I have encountered some very strange things,” said Brandon.

Listen to the entire podcast to find out if they have found aliens, orbs or UFO phenomena--or to find out about more of the bright spots in the Utah commercial real estate world...talk about a diverse and exciting podcast….

Nugent Good News Podcast #6: “The Fuel Of Market Intelligence with Brandon Fugal”

Host: Adam Nugent

Guest: Brandon Fugal

Website: www.2.colliers.com


Linked In: Brandon Fugal


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