Building a Better Wallet with Colby & McKenzie Bauer of Thread Wallets on Nugent's Good News Podcast

Building a Better Wallet with Colby and McKenzie Bauer of Thread Wallets Find out in Episode 3 of Nugent’s Good News Podcast how Seinfeld’s George Costanza’s big bulky wallet was part of the inspiration for entrepreneurs Colby and McKenzie to start their lifestyle brand Thread Wallets. And find out how this married couple--one, with an entrepreneurial heart and the other, with a head full of ideas--work together building their business through stress, anxiety, and parenting two little girls. The Beginning Thread Wallets was started five years ago after Colby lost his wallet in the ocean while he was a college student in Hawaii. After not being able to find a wallet that wasn’t big and bulky (like Costanza’s) and one that had a minimalist feel--Colby started using a big rubber band wrapped around his cards and cash. It was then, with the help of McKenzie, (who he was dating) that the idea to “create a better rubber band” that you can use for a minimalist wallet was born. McKenzie sewed prototypes (They admitted that the first Thread Wallet was made out of “poo emoji” elastic) in her childhood bedroom and the duo launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to develop a business. Working Couple “I remember one of our first dates, he always had an entrepreneurial heart and I always had kind of like ideas that would stir around in my head,” said McKenzie. Talking about the business was a part of their dating life and they have learned to navigate the challenges of a start-up business. Throw in a couple of kids after marriage, and the Bauers talk about the different ways they each handle stress and anxiety--one puts on roller skates and the other takes walks. A Lifestyle Brand Thread Wallets was born out of a need for expression and to offer good looking functional products. The company, based in Provo Utah, has grown to a team of 22 and now offers several types of minimalist wallets--including the original elastic wallet. They added lanyards to their lineup as well as lip balm holders and wearables including beanies, hats, and t-shirts. The Bauers hope to grow their product line of “carry” products and accessories and to expand distribution. Thanks, Colby and McKenzie for sharing part of your story with us on the Podcast. Tune in and subscribe with your favorite listening channels like Apple, Spotify, or Stitcher as we continue to share the GOOD NEWS. Let us know what you think and please leave a review--apparently, that is how a podcast gets noticed. Podcast: Episode 3: Guests: Colby and McKenzie Bauer of Thread Wallets "Building a Better Wallet" Host: Adam Nugent Thread Wallet: Nugent Magazine:

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