Cents of Style Founder, Courtney Brown, Believes In Empowering Women to Lead Full and Bold Lives

When Courtney Brown founded the fashion business, Cents of Style in the spring of 2007, she was a stay at home mom with a young daughter and was looking for an outlet that would bring her “a little personal fulfillment and empowerment.” “I have always loved fashion and was often asked by my friends and family how I was able to stay in style, affordably. I saw the need for a place where women could ask a trusted friend, find affordable fashions, and feel like that great deal was accessible. I took a leap of faith and began Cents of Style, an online women’s fashion accessories company. My hopes were to help women across the country find that fashionable friend with great deals,” said this now mother of three kids. “I fought for my dream and grew this idea into a multi-million dollar company through a lot of hard work and other great women.” “We do this by operating and living by the following values: HUSTLE, CLARITY, RADIATE, OWN IT, TRIBE, and CREATE. Through these six values, we strive to bring you the latest in clothing, shoes, and accessories in an accessible and affordable way. We believe that when you look good, you feel good and then you can, in turn, pass the good to those around you.” “Cents of Style markets to our busy, everyday woman. She is most likely a mom, who wears many hats. She loves fashion, but is by no means “fashion-forward”. She wants to look and feel good, but chooses not to spend a lot of money on the trends.” Since the coronavirus, women all over have had to adjust their schedules and have added more “hats” to their daily routines to keep their families fed, educated, entertained, and happy during this stressful time. The company has made changes during the pandemic. “Although we are separated by physical distance, we truly are all in this together, showing up individually, but making a HUGE collective difference. I think it is inspiring. We have really tried hard to focus our marketing efforts on the resilient Cents of Style community. We are showcasing women on our social media wearing our product and speaking positively. We also just launched a community-led t-shirt line, Warrior Women, and it has been our best launch of 2020, thus far,” said the founder and CEO. “We hope to empower women to lead bold and full lives. Knowing that when we look good, we feel good and then have the power to do good in the world,” said Courtney. “We have offered the same day or next day delivery to Weber, Davis, Salt Lake, and Utah counties for over two years. And we are continuing to make our deliveries, but we have adapted during this pandemic by trying to put the safety of our employees and customers first, adjusting shifts in our warehouse, distancing requirements, and extra pay to those working so hard in these tough times,” she said. “Personally, I am taking it as a beautiful reset and time of slow. Allowing myself the grace that comes with this period. I am working from home, with three school-aged kids, but instead of ‘punching through’ I am allowing myself to let go of the past expectations and surrender to the moment right now. For me, although difficult, it has also been a beautifully healing and restful time,” she said. Today, Cents of Style is made up of more than 30 women, mostly moms. Our families are our first priority, but we use this company to bless our families financially and through the personal empowerment it brings each of us. Cents of Style is based out of Bluffdale, Utah. They offer daily deals including “2-for Tuesdays” and “What We Wear Wednesdays”. Visit their website at www.mycentsofstyle.com Cents of Style is contributing gift cards for Nugent Magazine’s Mother’s Day MOM NOM giveaway. We are grateful to Courtney and the Cents of Style team for their generosity and vision to empower women to live bold and full lives.

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