Flying High with Matt Griff of the Utah Dunk Team

When Matt Griff was asked to tag along and support his friend who was going to try out to be on the Utah Jazz Dance team, he never thought that decision would change his life forever. While Matt watched his friend’s tryout at the arena, he also noticed that mini tramps and padded floor mats were being brought out on the gym floor. Curious, he asked what was going on. He was told they were setting up for tryouts for the Utah Jazz Dunk team. After a moment of contemplation, Matt decided right then--in his street clothes and shoes-- that, “Yes” he was going to try out for the Dunk Team. Sixteen years later, he is still dunking...but is also a Guinness World Record Holder, a stuntman for television and movies, a rugby player and coach, and was a member of TEAM USA skeleton team. In our latest issue of Nugent Magazine, you can read about Matt’s “flying high on life” adventures and his “Yes, I’ll do that” attitude and why he loves motivating and inspiring others.

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