Hikers Find "Love" Letters in Nature, Send Messages and Photos to the Author

“I want you to find and cherish everything you love. I want you to make time for and hug the people you love. Tomorrow is not guaranteed! Please help me in trying to change as many people's lives as possible along with mine!" Brandon Lingwall, from Sandy, Utah, on the advice of his social worker, wrote a letter sharing his message of love. She then committed to stash that letter, which included a photo of Brandon, on a mountain trail with the hopes of someone finding it who needed to hear Brandon’s message. You see, Brandon could not deliver the letter himself because he is a quadriplegic and under hospice care. That first letter was found in September by a hiker who was asked to share a photo of themselves on the spot they found the letter and a little bit about themselves. “If you could take a selfie with the view in the background and then text it to me so that I can see your joy and travel vicariously through you...You can be my arms and legs,” wrote Brandon in the letter. The letter project soon took as more letters were placed or replaced by the finders and dropped off in locations for nature lovers to find. Brandon set up an Instagram page @forbrandonslove77 for the letter finders to post their comments and photos. “The response has been incredible. I just wanted to say thank you so much to every one of you! When I first decided to do this project, I was depressed almost all of the time. Now, with the help of all of the people that have had anything to do with this page--from those who have found the letter to those who have followed its journey...have turned my seemingly hopeless life into a life that I look forward to waking up to in the morning,” wrote Brandon. “I love everyone one of you.” Brandon, a father to a son, was an outdoorsman until a head injury and a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis confined him to bed. “I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 1999. Prior to my diagnosis, I was a very active person in outdoor sports of any kind. I am in hospice now because my life is coming to an end. I feel I have so much more light and love to give in this world,” writes Brandon in his letter. Brooke found his letter along Utah’s Bonneville Shoreline and writes, “ I had the most sincere pleasure today of finding your letter. What an inspiration you are! Thank you so much for helping me have perspective on all that is important in this life! I will be thinking about you each time I venture outdoors in the coming months. Best wishes to you and your family!” Spencer and his wife Charlie hiked to Notch Peak found the letter and wrote, “ Thank you for sharing your story. It gives us both so much courage. Today we hike and adventure for you. This hits home, many members of my wife’s family have MS, and it is amazing to see the strength you all have. Have an amazing day!” “Some of the people who have found the letter have been kind enough to share it on their social media pages and I have gotten a message from an airline pilot for American Airlines that sent me a text while she was flying over North Korea. Another text message that I received was from Spain,” writes Brandon. “I want you to find and cherish everything you love. I want you to make time for and hug the people you love. Tomorrow is not guaranteed! Please help me in trying to change as many people's lives as possible along with mine! Thank you very much,” writes Brandon. KSL News recently featured Brandon’s story. To read Brandon’s original letter, visit his Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/brandon.lingwall.1 or see all of the posts by the letter finders on his Instagram @forbrandonslove77. Thanks, Brandon, for being a Hometown Hero and sending out your messages of love. _____ Nugent Magazine loves sharing GOOD NEWS, GOOD PEOPLE, and GOOD THINGS happening in Utah and the world. Follow us for your daily dose of good news. If you have a story or know of a Hometown Hero that you think we should feature please contact us on our website www.nugentmagazine.com or email Gina at gina@nugentmagazine.com.

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