MORE Good News... Nugent Magazine Puts on Headsets & Turns On Microphones...Podcast Coming Soon

“We love being able to share GOOD NEWS in our Nugent Magazine, on our social media, website and now we have a Nugent Good News Podcast!,” said Kate Strong, CEO at Nugent Magazine. “Our podcast studio buildout is almost done and we have a few podcasts under our belt and we will be launching our podcast soon.” “We get to rub shoulders with some amazing people doing great things and we love highlighting and featuring them and all the good they do,” said Kate. “Our podcast is just one more way to let our audience really get to know a person, learn about their story and mission, and why they do what they do.” Adam Nugent, founder of Nugent Magazine and Foresight Wealth Management, and Kate host the podcast together. “We love really doing a “deep dive” with our guests and find out things like what motivates them and inspires them to how they wind down at the end of the day or why their kids make fun of them when they try to dance on TikTok,” said Adam. “We are a little bit goofy, and are figuring out the whole podcast thing, but we are loving the opportunity to sit down with our guests for an hour and just talk.” “We are editing our first few podcasts, now and will have them available soon.. Stay tuned,” said Kate.

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