Nugent Good News Podcast Launches-Sharing Good News & Good People, John Brown is the First Guest

We are excited to announce that we launched our Nugent Good News Podcast and our very first episode! Our podcast is another way we highlight people in the community doing great things, tune in to be inspired and motivated to live your best life. In this first episode, "A New World Means New Rules", a former punk rock skateboarder, John Brown, who is now the president of Be Fulfilled and the COO of Cents of Style, joins Adam Nugent and talks about the seismic shift in consumer buying habits, working with his wife and how he loves to help other entrepreneurs successfully run their businesses. Family, travel, punk rock music, 100-mile trail runs in the mountains of Utah are all just part of what makes John tick, plus helping his customers source, ship, and service their customer with John's innovative backend business, Be Fulfilled. While working with his wife, Courtney, to build the online fashion and accessory company she founded, Cents of Style, John realized they were equipped with the experience and expertise needed to help others succeed in their business. With that in mind, John started Be Fulfilled to provide the backend services that make it possible for a business to develop, source, manage, and ship products to customers. Early Beginnings Just out of college, John and some family members started a business importing housing market products from China. Says John, “We learned a lot about how to create and develop a quality product, how to really leverage overseas manufacturing to not just get a cheaper price to get a better product. I really learned a lot about how to communicate with different people, different cultures, and then how to communicate that to people who live in the U.S.” That experience helped John and Courtney start Cents of Style, where John handled most of the tech stuff and he got “neck-deep” in creating efficient ways to create the product, source, and ship it. It was then that John decided to do a spin-off company and started Be Fulfilled. Be Fulfilled Be Fulfilled started about 18 months ago when John noticed how the seismic shift in the way people buy things. And when the COVID hit, people shifted even more into buying online. Retail stores are seeing the hit of the online shopping wave coming --where over the last five years there's been this kind of apocalypse of retail where some major brands have closed up shop. Retail is not what it once was. Be Fulfilled helps people, small brands, and social influencers with all of their backend operations (that no one really wants to do, like shipping goods from their basement!) to sell online by building and managing their website and by creating an efficient system to monetize their products online. Husband and Wife team It took a “good two years” to figure out how to work together successfully. Courtney is the CEO for both companies so, in essence, John works for her. But they have different roles, responsibilities so they both feel empowered to make their own decisions and still be effective partners at work and at home. Communication is the key and being able to turn work off when at home. Outside Influences and What is Next? Whether it is running 50 or 100-mile races, mountain biking, planting 72 types of tomato plants, or camping and exploring nature with his kids and wife, John loves to get outside. John grew up in Rialto, California listening to hip hop and punk rock and skateboarding and cherishing the time he spent there but loves living in Utah. John’s five-year plan is to create a new retail platform that allows Be Fulfilled clients to share in a shared retail space where they can have clients, they can have their consumers come and pick up stuff in the retail front. They can do same-day delivery, domestic, and international shipping. We want to wish John all the best as he works to help others succeed in their businesses. This is just a taste of what John talks about in the podcast. Tune in and subscribe with your favorite podcast listening channel like Apple podcast , Spotify or Stitcher as we continue to share the good news. Let us know what you think and leave a review--apparently that is how a podcast gets noticed! _________ Guest: John Brown Host: Adam Nugent Nugent Magazine: Be Fulfilled: Cents of Style:

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