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“A little bit of showing up goes a long way.”

Jenna Rammell is a big believer in “intentional chaos”. That’s a good place to be for a thriving businesswoman who is also a mother of four. She has been creating empowering internet content on her popular Instagram, “Jenna’s Kitchen”, for over a decade. The kitchen is at the center of Jenna’s home, and what started as a channel to create healthy, easy recipes for moms of young children, just like her, has evolved to become the “place” where those same women can now find compassion and belief in themselves. The theme of her platform is “Belief, Belonging and Babies” and invites her followers to “come as you are.” Her followers find her message quite refreshing compared to other comparison based social media platforms. Jenna even shares a few recipes, too.


This young mother is also the founder of The Daily Essential Co. And yes, the “essential” in her second company’s name does stand for essential oils, for which she is an avid advocate. Her older sister aroused her interest in essential oils, even though she initially felt hesitant to jump into that business genre. But Jenna’s belief in herself, and in her desire to help other moms, just like her, propelled her to share her story, and yes, even more recipes.


Now, Jenna thinks of herself as a content creator, where every

day is a little different. She works on establishing and tending

relationships with brands she believes in, doing photoshoots, and

creating content to share on various social media platforms. She

also spends precious hours working with the essential oil company,

doTERRA, connecting with and mentoring and encouraging other

women who would like to follow a similar path.

Though she feels she has now established a healthy work-life

balance, she says the hardest part about being an entrepreneur is

“showing up when you don’t want to”. There have been many life

events such as pregnancy complications and even a serious bout

with postpartum depression that has made it difficult to live a life

where she was in the public eye. “There are no open and closed

hours when you have a business…and it is so easy to overwork

yourself,” she said.

Jenna says that the thing that helps her the most is avoiding the

mixing of family time with work time. She wanted to grow both

her business and her family, and so she set aside time in her day

when she is completely focused on one or the other. She added,

“I also give back to myself through faith, prayer, a relationship

with God, meditation and working out - all ways I keep myself

balanced.” She also stays energized by using her platform to try

to make the world a better place.

As for what she would tell others who want to start their

own business, she suggests there is nothing wrong with

dreaming big. The important thing is to show up consistently in

little ways. “You don’t have to do anything crazy or extreme, you don’t have to do something grand. Little things get us farther than

you think. A little bit of showing up, every day, goes a long way,” she


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