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Creating a business from the ground up can be a very difficult task. Jenny Wecker proves that working towards a greater good and having a unique angle can make that process a little easier.

Having your first child is a very big turning point in life. Most first time mothers will do everything they can to make it a perfect experience, whether that be as simple as researching what products to use or as complex as not wanting to lose who you are while raising a newborn.


Jenny Wecker is a 27-year-old business owner, who is married to her best friend and is raising two beautiful young girls who go by the names Georgia and June. Her company, Fawn Design, is a woman’s handbag and accessories company centered around an emphasis on motherhood.


The idea for Fawn design came seven years ago when a friend who was pregnant could not find a diaper bag that she liked. Jenny, with a knowledge of sewing and a fondness of creating things, decided to put her skills to the test and make a diaper bag that would fit her friend’s needs. Therefore the Original Bag was born, and it was a hit! “Everyone at the baby shower loved it and asked if I could make them one,” said Jenny This led to many hours spent making these bags until it was just too much for Jenny to handle on her own.


Many hours and prototypes went into creating the first bag. In fact, it took six months of work before the first bag was complete. That

first bag being the Original Bag, which to this day is still their best seller. What originally started out as a side hobby quickly grew into something much bigger. Even though the attention wasn’t sought after, it came. One source to thank for the attention is Instagram which was new at the time, so Wecker was able to gain traction pretty easily. Another thing that helped was their fundraising campaign, Kickstarter, in 2015. They worked with 30 influencers to raise awareness for the company, “It made all the difference!”

“Just start!

We are always waiting

around for the right time

or opportunity, but there is

no time like the present!”


When Fawn first started there weren’t many if not any stylish options when it came to diaper bags, and as the founder, Jenny wanted to do something different than the other similar companies that were around at the time. The vision of the company was, “To give women a stylish diaper bag option that made them feel

good about themselves”, and that is still

the vision and a core piece of the company today.


Every little detail is important. “Buying a diaper bag for your first baby is a big deal. Women spend so much time researching

their perfect bag”, says Jenny. This is why when creating new products Jenny spends a lot of time asking women what they actually want and are looking for in their products.


The original goal of the company was to land Nordstrom as a

retailer. “I am proud to say we landed them last year, which still

blows my mind!”, said Jenny. What might seem surprising to

others is the fact that Jenny decided not to put any concrete goals

into place for Fawn Design this year.


Instead, she decided to leave a lot of that up to her team. “A

goal for me this year has been to cut back on work time, so I 

can spend a lot more time with my family. I’ve sacrificed a lot

for Fawn, and now I’m at a spot where I want to give that to my

family.” Hearing what has been accomplished thus far, that time

seems well deserved.


It is hard to believe that with running a business there would be much time for family, but despite the demanding schedule, Wecker said she is blessed with an incredible life. She has been able to travel the world with her family and has gotten to experience many amazing places. It seems that with all the adventures this company has taken their family on, there is no reason to think about what

life would be like without it. “It’s hard to imagine a life without Fawn. I had no idea what my life would be like. My husband and I both agree it was so meant to be,” says the young entrepreneur.


When asked what advice she has for people who have an idea

for a product and would like to start their own company, Jenny

says “Just start! We are always waiting around for the right time

or opportunity, but there is no time like the present!” Along

with that, she believes that if your main motivation is to make

money, then the journey will be an uphill battle. “For me, Fawn

has never been about the money, it’s been so much more than

that. I’ve found if you’re trying to be a good person, and working

towards a greater good, the money always follows.”

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