By Justin Prince

How is your energy affecting people? 

The reality is this, you rub off on people. Whether you mean to or not. Your energy, your “vibe”, your presence is having an effect on everyone around you. has done research that suggests, “The feelings that we have in our heart go through every cell in our body and radiate 10 feet out around us in a circle.” Their research went on to say that people can unconsciously sense the energy that you are putting out. 


Your energy is affecting your family, your career, your customers, your income, your health, and your happiness.


When you take inventory about how your energy is affecting people, ask yourself this, “Am I a “Germ” or am I “Vitamin C”?”


In 2020, make the decision to take full responsibility for your energy and how your energy is affecting people.


Here are three suggestions to help you become more intentional with your energy.

1. Show up with Energy. You may have heard of the “Wonder Woman” pose? This comes from research that Harvard Professor, Amy Cuddy did from her book titled, “Presence”. She found that if you will stand strong for two minutes you will literally “biologically prime” your body to show up with energy. In fact, in only two minutes you will increase your testosterone by 20%, lower your cortisol (your stress hormone) by 15% and become 33% more likely to be assertive, to take action and be decisive.


2. Speak with Energy. Your words have power. The good books say that, “Death and Life are in the Power of the Tongue.” (Prov. 18:21) Commit today to eliminate whining, blaming, complaining and excuse-making from your life. When you speak, speak about the positive. Stop being a problem “identifier” and start being a problem “solver”. Think of the positive ripple effects if you will add this one discipline.


3. Create Energy “Triggers”. New York Times best-selling author Brendon Burchard shared with me an interesting way that he creates energy. He created what he called a “door frame trigger”. Every time he walks through a door frame, he is “triggered” to, “Bring the Joy”. Imagine what will happen to your spouse, kids, marriage, co-workers, customers, and career when the next time they see you and are around you, you “Bring the Joy” with your energy.


By Tiffany Peterson

Everything is energy. And you have an Energy Economy that is influencing your entire life. Everything has a vibe or a vibration and we live in a vibrational Universe where things align or have a magnetic sense. You’ve likely heard the cute, catchy phrase, “your vibe attracts your tribe?” More than a cute meme or saying on a tee-shirt, truly everything is energy.


From businesses and brands, you love to follow and purchase from, to people and politics, to food and restaurants, everything and everyone is energy, including you.


As an energetic being, you are putting out a frequency, for positive or negative. The good news is as we become more conscious creators of our life experience, we can choose at any time to shift or elevate our energy or vibration with intention.


As a seasoned life coach, I’m regularly helping men and women to

implement key success habits that help them lead happier, healthier, and more successful lives. Sales double, relationships improve, happiness and self-confidence rise – simply because they are choosing to implement a few simple habits that increase their energy.


Here are three of my go-to success habits that can shift your

energy to the positive:


1. Morning Ritual. The way you start your day, shapes your day. And too often humans are starting their day on their devices, saturated with news, demands, and all sorts of information. Begin your day with YOU. Invest in you. Nourish you. Begin with prayer or meditation, reading, a good workout, etc. Do things that invest in your own energy and sense of self FIRST thing in your day.

2. Get Moving. Momentum creates momentum and specifically moving your body is a potent way to increase your positive emotions and positive energy. Whether that is a walk in your neighborhood, some yoga at home, or a good sweat session at the gym, movement moves us in a positive direction.


3. Cultivate the Gratitude. This universal go-to is potent with positivity

and good vibes. Focus on the good. Write it, pray it, speak it, think about it – what’s good and grateful in your life? What we focus on, expands so focus on the good.



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