John Brown has a goal: “To help women entrepreneurs and influencers diversify their income with physical products”. He realized that so many influencers and brands give up their control and power to create income to others. He learned from the experience he got while at the helm as the Chief Operating Officer at Cents of Style, a multi-million dollar fashion company, he developed the tools and methods to help those struggling entrepreneurs to be successful. 


“We realized that so many of our friends in the social media space had great ideas and great audiences but needed help with their operations,” said John. While working on the new business model and new focus at Cents of Style, (Cents of Style was founded by John’s wife, Courtney Brown in 2007.) John recognized that as a ‘digitally native brand’ they were equipped with the knowledge, experience, and tools to help others wanting to sell products online.


“I knew that I wanted to find a way to share this unique mix of product, technology and operations knowledge with a bigger audience. This is where the idea for Be Fulfilled came from.” With that in mind, John decided to create a platform that would provide the services to make it easy for any business or influencer to develop, source, manage, and ship products to its online customers. 


“My entrepreneurial drive was pushing me to do something new,” says John. “I knew I wanted to find a way to expand on Cents of Style’s vision and its mission to empower women. I wanted to find a new and innovative way to help provide tools and share what I have learned.”




Most people may not realize all the work that goes on behind the scenes before a business is able to sell or provide their product or service online. 

“Rather than struggle on your own to get through that long process, Be Fulfilled will complete the ‘dirty work’ for you. We will help you develop products, source products that fit your budget, manage and build a website, ship products to your customers, and handle customer service. We let you focus on what you do best, and we’ll do the rest,” said John.


Be Fulfilled, can help reduce the time it takes to get a business up and going. “It can take anywhere from two weeks to six months to get the right product. I try to really find the values and timelines my client is looking for and find a way to align their expectations with reality.” By working closely with each client Be Fulfilled is able to bring each of their client’s ideas and dreams to fruition and help them establish successful online companies.


The company has developed a three-part system for its fulfillment business.


“First, we listen to your ideas for products and help give our input on how to best develop the ideal product offering for you and your followers. The process is full of creativity and collaboration.


Second, we help source products. With over 20 years of domestic and overseas sourcing we help create the right product at the right price in the right timeline. Our goal is to deliver the product right the first time.”


Third, with a full staff of photographers, professional merchandisers, warehouse shipping staff and customer service team we do the heavy lifting of the operations for you. We let you focus on what you do best, we'll do the rest,” according to John.


John, who is still the COO at Cents of Style, and Courtney are both busy running the businesses and do try their best to find that work/life balance. “We do our best, we try to always be aware of each other. It’s working well, but it’s not always easy,” said John. Since starting Be Fulfilled, “I work more now, I’m also happier when I’m challenged and creative. I’m a better person,” shared John.  “I love to create. Create products, create a business, create something from nothing, most importantly I love to create value for my clients. That’s what gets me excited.” 

The business requires both a focused and creative mindset. And John likes that challenge. “My daily mantra is to add value first to my clients. Trying to first focus on my clients' success always lets me start from a great place,” he said.


“When running a business there are bound to be many highs and lows, if we can help eliminate some of those lows and create more highs for you that means we are doing a good job” he said.  “I’ve been a part of several startups, but this one feels different. It has my whole heart and soul in it.” 


 For those looking to start an online business of their own, John has some fantastic advice. “Do it. First do your market research, ask friends, ask potential customers, get feedback. Then always remember that product development is a journey not a destination, so start now and don’t forget to enjoy the process.” Ultimately what Brown is looking to create is a platform for others to build their business on. “One that is a fully vertically integrated solution for brands. One that offers retail, in-person pick-up, same-day delivery and full domestic and international e-commerce,” he adds. “I’m passionate about products. I’m passionate about people, and I’m passionate about e-commerce...I also have the experience and unique skills to add value and help other brands grow. And that’s what I want to do- EVERY DAY. It gets me excited and makes me very grateful for where I’ve come from and where Be Fulfilled is going.

"I wanted to find a new and innovative way to help provide tools and share what I have learned.” 

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